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Umbrella is a 3-lesson unit within IQ PROGRAMS, written by specialist educators for children aged 6-7 (Years 1-2 in Australia). Umbrella helps children identify and respond to ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ media, and develops their social and self-awareness skills when it comes to their online activity. The “umbrella” is one example used to assist students in making these connections, serving as a metaphor for protection and preparedness. Students learn their need to be prepared when they enter any new media environment. Students can then apply their umbrella when confronted with situations that make them feel unsafe, such as being asked to do risky things or seeing harmful media content.

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Brain Burger is accessible to schools for $290 AUD and homeschooling parents for $90 AUD. Apply today–ONE TIME FEE!

The Umbrella of curriculum is designed for delivery by schools and homeschooling parents to children aged 6-7-years and includes:

  • Online access and downloads
  • Permission for unlimited teachers to deliver to unlimited students (individual login's provided)
  • 3 x 45-60-minute lessons in a comprehensive facilitator manual
  • Creatively designed PowerPoint
  • Lesson activities & handouts
  • Parent Letters
  • Pre- and post-evaluation surveys
  • Mapped to the Australian and New Zealand Curriculum
  • Accessible for schools to purchase from anywhere in the world–upon request, our team can work with you to adjust for different regions
  • Webinar-style training videos providing an overview of the Brain Burger Unit and practical aspects to assist in implementation.

PLUS we provide a comprehensive webpage for Parents & Carers of Children Completing Umbrella which provides:

  • Lesson content overview
  • Pre-lesson preparation guidance
  • Post-lesson discussion guidance links to online learning
  • Guidance to create a safer online experience
  • Country-specific support links

Additionally, access our bonus material:

  • 1 x short video to use in general staff meetings to create awareness and understanding of the significance and range of issues arising from children accessing pornography.
  • Porn & Online Safeguarding Education Implementation Toolkit
  • Online & Physical Environment Safeguarding Toolkit

Invoices are issued to schools and homeschooling parents within 24 to 48-hours of application, and materials are accessible after cleared payment is received. Associations and regional schooling clusters may inquire about pricing for all members to access.

Course Curriculum

    • Welcome to Umbrella! 00:05:00
    • Umbrella Delivery Resources 04:00:00
    • Umbrella Supporting Resources 00:30:00
    • Design Elements 00:00:00
    • Umbrella Australian Curriculum Links and Resources 00:05:00

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