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Program Materials Delivery Application Form

To assist us in getting to know your unique requirements we request that all schools, organisations and homeschooling parents complete and submit the application form below.

IQ PROGRAMS, Online Courses and Presentations (referred to as the “Program Materials”) are available for individuals, schools, child/youth-based organisations and homeschooling parents to meet children and young people’s safeguarding needs.

Invoices are issued to schools and homeschooling parents within 24 to 48-hours of application, and materials are accessible after cleared payment is received. Associations and regional schooling clusters may inquire about pricing for all members to access.

Any and all use of the Program Materials is strictly at the permission of Youth Wellbeing Project as detailed in our Terms and Conditions, and we reserve the right to remove access.

If you would like more information about the delivery of Youth Wellbeing Project Program Materials, our organisation or the application process, please contact us. Thank you!