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Are IQ PROGRAMS available in my country?

Developed for Australian and New Zealand schools, IQ PROGRAMS are readily adaptable for global release.

Mapped to the Australian and New Zealand curriculums, the Facilitator Manual, delivery resources, and supporting resources are adjusted relevant to the region, with country-specific services recommended. For instance, in addition to linking to a wide range of region-specific support services, we recommend the eSafety Commissioner and Kids Helpline for Australia, and Netsafe and Kidsline for New Zealand.

Certain aspects of the program materials require adjustment to be region-specific. For example, changes to handouts, appendices, and PowerPoint slides reflect relevant legal variations, classification systems, support services, curriculum mapping, or similar.

The process is simple—for assistance with any aspect of adjusting IQ PROGRAMS for your country or region, please download this information sheet for further details and send us an email – we are here to help!

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Can I license or translate IQ PROGRAMS for my country?


IQ PROGRAMS are accessible to other countries via two avenues.

  1. Option 1: Youth Wellbeing Project provides all country-specific resources on the IQ PROGRAMS website, accessible for schools to purchase from anywhere in the world.
  2. Option 2: an organisation liaises with Youth Wellbeing Project to obtain region or country licensing. This option allows the licensee to host the program materials on their site.

We already have inquiries to translate into Danish and French, and materials are currently being adapted and trialled in India.

For assistance with any aspect of adjusting IQ PROGRAMS for your country or region, inquiries relating to translation, or becoming the licensed region or country representative, please inquireDownload this information sheet for further details—we are here to help!

What permissions do I have when I purchase IQ PROGRAMS and other resources?

In summary, Youth Wellbeing Project grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use all IQ PROGRAMS and Online Courses, Presentations and related download links (the “Program Materials”) on a strictly non-commercial basis within your organisation.

  • Depending on the product, your licence to use the “Program Materials” is conditional upon you entering into a licensing subscription agreement.
  • Continued use of the purchased “Program Materials” is subject to an annual subscription (or a different subscription period specific to the product).
  • Cessation of subscription payments results in the immediate withdrawal of permissions to use the “Program Materials”.
  • Please access the full TERMS AND CONDITIONS prior to purchase.
  • Annual licensing inclusions are listed in our shop, relevant to the “Program Materials” in question.

What IQ PROGRAMS units are available?

Umbrella for ages 6-7, Brain Burger for ages 12-13, and Clean Sweep for ages 14-15 are now available. New units are scheduled for release soon and include:

  • Early Bird for ages 4-5
  • Shadow Step for ages 5-6
  • Safe Surfer for ages 8-9
  • On Guard for ages 10-11
  • The Brain Team for ages 13-14
  • And others!

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I have other questions. Who can I ask?

Please send an email through our Contact Us page and we will respond as soon as possible.

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