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Endorsed by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner

We are currently in the midst of a seismic social experiment. Instead of straight answers to curious questions, young people are met with an “eye-full of everything” via online porn, pop-ups, secret chats, hyper-sexed selfies, and a swipe left or right “judge with a click” instant gratification online culture.

For some, it’s easier to turn a blind eye and hope for the best, but hypersexualised images and music, adult-themed video games and unlimited free porn are only a click away.
This psychological cocktail and steady stream of toxic messaging is impacting young people's lives.

We shouldn’t be surprised at the toll these social challenges are having on our kids’ mental health, safety and relational success.

We have two choices. Either leave our kids to their own “devices”—or, confront this toxic culture with the best defence we have—education.

Many schools are feeling the burden, but simply don’t know where to start.


IQ PROGRAMS equip educators for the task of supporting kids and teens to author their future. Meeting child-safety, developmental and wellbeing needs, teachers receive guided narratives and comprehensive tools to help them deliver tricky conversations confidently.
PROGRAMS provide students with skills to avoid and respond to online risks— and an understanding of how porn and other technologies can affect their developing brain.
Students are supported with age-relevant content to cultivate their relational and sexual wellbeing, and build resilience to external cultural pressures

The Result? Kids & teens gain a deep respect for the power of choice and change, empowered to challenge social influences for the betterment of themselves, others and the world around them.

Jam-packed full of goodness!

  • Key Highlights

    • IQ PROGRAMS provide curriculum focussed on safety and mental wellbeing to prevent porn harms.
    • IQ PROGRAMS provide educators with confidence and save schools hours of time and stress.
    • IQ PROGRAMS provide online access to comprehensive specialist materials prepared by experts.
    • IQ PROGRAMS provide parent & caregiver engagement strategies, including unit overviews, conversation suggestions and more!
    • IQ PROGRAMS have been developed for Australian and New Zealand schools and are readily adaptable for global release.
  • The Outcomes

    Covering early childhood, children, tweens and teens:

    • IQ PROGRAMS support schools in responding to child protection requirements and preventing sexual harms by addressing the impacts of sexually explicit materials and analysing its influence on behaviour and psychology, both personally and socially.
    • IQ PROGRAMS adopt a holistic sexuality education approach, fostering a healthy understanding of sexual wellbeing among students and addressing a broad range of issues relating to their physical, emotional, social and cultural aspects of personal development.
    • IQ PROGRAMS equip kids & youth with a deep respect for the power of choice and change (great and small). Students learn to understand the effects of these choices on themselves, others and the world around them.
  • IQ PROGRAMS Curriculum Inclusions

    • Online access and downloads
    • Permission for unlimited teachers to deliver to unlimited students
    • 3 x 45-60-minute lessons in a comprehensive facilitator manual (includes optional online activities)
    • Creatively designed PowerPoint
    • Lesson activities & handouts plus extension lessons
    • Parent Letters
    • Comprehensive webpage for Parents & Carers of Children Completing the IQ PROGRAMS ~ provides:
      • lesson content overview
      • pre-lesson preparation guidance
      • post-lesson discussion guidance
      • links to online learning
      • guidance to create a safer online experience
      • country-specific support links
    • Pre- and post-evaluation surveys
    • Mapped to the Australian and New Zealand Curriculum
    • Accessible for schools to purchase from anywhere in the world – support provided to adjust for different regions and licensing options available
  • IQ PROGRAMS Training Inclusions

    • Online professional learning and discussion
      • Webinar-style training videos providing an overview of the Clean Sweep Unit and practical aspects to assist in implementation.
      • 1 x short video to use in general staff meetings to create awareness and understanding of the significance and range of issues arising from children accessing pornography.
      • Access to any professional development webinars at a reduced cost.
      • Full access to Responding to Porn Culture Video Training for organisations (valued at $499). This training includes 11 videos, comprehensive notes for each section, and follow up quizzes.
      • Moderated forum discussion relating to the unit of content purchased. This includes the option of closed group chats for school teams to discuss delivery challenges, engagement strategies and wins.
      • Plus, an invitation to access a Private Facebook group to keep up to date with new research, sexual health topics of interest, and LIVE Facebook video group chats.
  • Benefits for Schools

    • Access diagnostic tools to help assess the quality of online risk management, wellbeing & safeguarding programs, school policies, processes, and practices

    • Meet the growing demand for education in the fields of child safety, violence prevention, sexual health and wellbeing

    • Build tomorrow’s leaders through fostering self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills and social awareness

    • Become a lead school in your region by addressing one of the biggest unspoken safety and mental-health crisis of our day.

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